About Me

If you’re considering me as a candidate, consultant, or freelancer, please know know these few things about me above all else:

  • I’m deeply experienced. I began at the bottom rungs of journalism as a reporter at a small town newspaper and went farther and higher than I ever could have imagined. I’ve worked as a BusinessWeek bureau chief, ZDNet executive producer, CNET editor-in-chief, and the founding GM of Yahoo Tech.
  • I’m an innovator. Please don’t mistake my years as “old school.” Whether working for a big company, as an entrepreneur, or key startup exec, I’ve never been one to accept the status quo. Instead, I’ve always been driven by a ceaseless obsession with the cutting edge.
  • I’m a team player. Whether I’m on a team or leading a team, I’ve always been keenly attuned to interpersonal dynamics. I own emotional intelligence, and more of it than ever. Whether managing up, down, or sideways, I make for a more effective group.  I’m one of those people who bring more to a team than just my skills and experiences.
  • I have a broad and deep intellect. By dint of my varied experiences especially as a business and tech journalist, I’ve come to know next to nothing about a lot. (He says tongue in cheek.) I can quickly scale a learning curve.
  • I’m adaptable and versatile. Especially when it comes to startups, I’m the guy who often runs into the breach. I can adequately perform any number of roles in strategy, marketing, content, research, and even HR … until the experts arrive.

I’m articulate, polished, diplomatic, and frank.

If I have a singular talent, however, it’s as a writer and content “packager,” which means my articles, headlines, special reports standout for clarity, creativity, energy, and catchiness.