PROFILE: Kendrick Nguyen, Crypto Crowdfunder, Innovator, and Regulatory Influencer


Meet Kendrick Nguyen, and you’re immediately struck by three things – unfailing courtesy, unflagging humility, and an ever-present how-can-I-help-you attitude. They’re traits that stand out especially among the personality types that typically swagger around Silicon Valley and Wall Street, where Nguyen splits most of his time.

The irony is that if anyone deserves to strut, Nguyen does. Reason: For the past five years, the Vietnamese immigrant has served as a leading light in extending startup investing beyond the privileged few “accredited investors” to “everyday people.”

More importantly, he may be destined to become one of the most important allies to those who have a huge stake in legitimizing the new marketplace for ICO-driven innovation…

This profile originally appeared on May 10, 2018 on Bitcoin Market Journal.



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