BLOG POST: The Quiet Revolution Spurred by Behavioral Biometrics


A promising technology is rapidly gaining adherents, a trend with ramifications for business and cyber security

It’s one thing to predict a tipping point, another to mark it in retrospect. And then there’s a third prospect – to watch as it actually goes full tilt. Such is the case for an old-but-new branch of biometric technology known as “behavioral biometrics.”

This technology is beginning to assert itself across banking, finance, ecommerce, and a multitude of other industries. As it does, experts expect it will have major ramifications for cyber security, personalization and marketing, and, of course, privacy.

At its core, behavioral biometrics is a technology capable of monitoring a single user’s unique “micro-habits.” In some cases, it is reportedly capable of tracking as many as 2,000 different interactive ticks, gestures, and movements — per individual user — across mobile devices, wearables, and desktop computer.


This post originally appeared on Sept. 13, 2018 as a feature story on the Symantec Blog Site.



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