BLOG POST: States Taking Measures to Make it More Convenient to Vote


Along with old-fashioned paper balloting, modern tech helping to make it far easier for voters to be heard at the ballot box

Historically, mid-term elections are a poor reflection on the world’s most powerful democracy. Turnout is typically tepid compared to a presidential election year. In fact, the 2014 midterms went down as one of the worst since WWII: Only 37% of eligible voters bothered to cast their ballots.

But this year’s midterms may break with precedent. Spurred on by the confluence of headline events – reports of past Russian interference, charges of potential campaign collusion, a contested Supreme Court confirmation – a far greater number of Americans are expected to cast their ballots on Nov. 6.

If you’re going to be one of them, the good news is that states are offering more options than ever for you to register and vote.


This post appeared on Oct. 23, 2018 on the Symantec Election Security Blog.



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